Yesterday in the rag bag,
Today in the workshop,
Tomorrow - On the stage!
Hands-on transformation of favorite old fabrics gathered by students and their families... in one hour, cast-off clothing and sundry details emerge as unique characters: an armor-clad knight, or a pencil-toting author, or a dragonfly. A list of suggested materials is sent to the school well in advance of the big day. Parent helpers are welcome.

"Super! Kids were totally involved the whole time." "Excellent!" "Stressless." "She was very organized and it ran smoothly. The children were focused."
Teachers at Greenwich School
Greenwich, New York


A residency with The Ivy Vine Players lasts from a few days to a few months. It frequently involves story adaptation, vocal and musical accompaniment, and visual art awareness. Reusable materials are collected and assembled to create puppet characters. Throughout the process students variously experience recycling, sharing and developing stories, and the satisfaction of working together in a positive endeavor. This is a more ambitious version of the one-hour workshop, built upon the same principles.
A puppetry-based residency is tailored to fit with your curriculum for a lively enactment of today's lessons.
Students in The Ivy Vine Players program have given puppet shows on such widely varying topics as nutrition, careers, the solar system, and the
roles of honeybees in the hive. Grian works with educators to bring a fresh perspective. Subtly woven into the experience are critical thinking skills such as recognizing a problem, identifying a goal, and judging alternative solutions.

"The evening performance was a wonderful night for everyone, especially the children, who felt good about their product and how hard they worked on it. The feedback from the students, parents, and community was outstanding."
Stephen Marra, Assistant Principal

Dorothy Nolan School, Saratoga, New York
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A residency is designed to encourage cooperation between academic disciplines.

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